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March 2011 issue of The Artist’s MagazineTAM March Cover

Welcome to Ron Ferkol’s Art Gallery Studio…

Ron Ferkol’s expressive paintings stem from the way he looks at ordinary things. Born in Cleveland Ohio, his family moved to the Missouri Ozarks in 1947 when he was five. It was there that his commitment to hard work began and has progressed ever since.

Life commitments prevented him from painting for several years in his late teens and twenties. In his thirties, he built a home and studio on twenty-five wooded acres, which he shares with his wife Karen.

His personal ethic of hard work was also obvious in the many years he spent making a living as an electrician. Now he continues in that tradition — only as an artist. With a limited color palette and strong composition, the realism of his work has led to many awards and achievements.

Received the “David A. Leffel Award for Excellence in Painting” for Honorable Mentions.

ARTIST STATEMENT: “It’s interesting to see the history of an artists work, and as long as the work keeps evolving, it continues to be interesting. This is one of ever artists goals, as it is mine.”